Preparing Your Shower For Tiling

By | April 29, 2016

If you are in the process of building a new home or re doing your shower area, it is very important to make sure you use the right type of materials that are waterproof. Shower areas are constantly wet areas and you want to ensure that your walls are prepared for it to be constantly damped, even with having the layer of tiles. This is a very important factor to consider when building or re furbishing. If your contractor doesn’t offer to have a membrane installed, it is essential that you request this, to ensure a leak free shower area in your bathroom. This way you can enjoy your shower area with no uninterrupted leaks.

A shower waterproofing membrane or a durable bathroom waterproofing membrane is something that needs to be taken care at the early stages of before tiling your bathroom or shower area. This need to be taken care of in the right process and it is important to ensure that the contractor doing it for you, knows how to do it exactly. If your contractor is spot on about it, you have nothing less to worry than enjoying your bathroom with no worries. Here are couple of steps which you could keep in mind that a typical contractor would use in installing membranes to your shower or bathroom areas.

Before the membrane
Before starting to actually install the membrane, first things first. The first step is to ensure that the backboard surface is wiped down with a wet sponge. This is a very important step as this keeps it from drying out before other layers are put forward. After the backboard surface is wet enough, using a trowel, mortar is applied. This should be a very smooth layer of it, leaving no spaces. Once it is applied it is important to ensure it is leveled using the edge of the trowel to minimize any thickness spots.

Installing the membrane
When your backboard is smooth and leveled of mortar, take the most suitable waterproofing system membrane sheet and press It tight on it. it is important to ensure you the trowel and smooth membrane ensuring no air bubbles or wrinkles are trapped inside. Once you have your first wall done, ensure that the rest of walls follow the same procedure up until pressing the membrane. It is very critical to ensure that the pressing is done properly and that no spaces are left in-between. Especially, when tackling vertical edges of walls it is important to ensure the membrane strip is installed properly with no spacing or wrinkles. After having installed the membrane and the mortar us cured, your shower or bathroom area is ready for tiling. This way having membrane installed, makes your tiling process much smoother and no leakage whatsoever at any point, with no interruptions.